Good Guide Helps You Make Ethical And Sustainable Buying Choices

October 17, 2018

Ever wonder if your oven cleanser is made with harmful chemicals? Or if your window cleaner uses natural ingredients? Researching every product you use to clean your home could take more time than actually cleaning your home. The same goes for personal care products. That’s where Good Guide comes in.

Good Guide has done the work for you by researching thousands of products and rating them according to the product’s potential hazards as well as availability of data on the product’s ingredients and reliable third party certifications such as EPA Safer Choice and Green Good Housekeeping Seal . From furniture polish to baby wipes Good Guide is a great resource for finding products that are safe for you and for the environment. Go to their website and read all about them or download their app where you can do nifty things like scan barcodes and start making smarter consumer choices in less time than it takes to clean out the silverware drawer.


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