Head ShotPerpetual wanderer and curious observer; lifelong traveler, compulsive photograph taker and self-proclaimed plant geek. Obsessive gardener and lover of all things stone.

I like to ponder sustainability, fair trade, plants with bluish-grey foliage, the taste of a home grown tomato and why, as a kid, I swore I would NEVER have a garden.


4 Responses to “About Nicole Brait”

  1. […] you’ve read the About Me page you know I love two things: conserving resources and traveling. Unfortunately, the high carbon […]


  2. […] our newest Urban Gardens contributor, Nicole Brait. Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs to a father who had the biggest vegetable garden in the […]


  3. Nicole Brait Says:

    Hi Shannon,
    Thank you so much. This is a real surprise. I’m honored that you like my blog enough to nominate it for not one but two awards. I’m grateful.



  4. Shannon Says:

    Hey Nicole, I’ve nominated you for two awards, the Kreativ Blogger and the Versatile Blogger. You are so very deserving of both…your blog is just chock full of great useful information. I love what you do. Keep it up!


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