The Stone Zealot

March 19, 2012

I don’t know how many of you have read my About Me page, but on that page I describe myself as a ‘lover of all things stone.’ I love the look of stone and the feel of stone; I love prepping the site to lay stone or to build a stone wall. Stone is hard but malleable. It can look old and new; beautiful, rough, sleek and ancient all at the same time if worked by the right hands.

Casey Lynch and his brother Nate have built some very impressive stone walls through their landscaping firm Special Additions Landscaping. They also have a blog called When I happened across it, I found myself taking more than a few minutes to admire their work.

The wall above was built completely with found stone in Otis Orchards, WA and features a flower design in the center. It is a dry stack wall meaning no mortar was used. Instead it was built by meticulously finding the right stones for the right spaces and putting one on top of the other until a sound structure emerged.

The image below features three raised bed gardens, two stone and one cedar. The postĀ  on with information on these beds also has a link to a chart on Urban Garden Solutions that shows you how much more you can grow in the same amount of space in a raised bed.

Take a look at the Special Additions Landscaping web site for more beautiful landscapes Casey and Nate have built.

Also look out for their print magazine titled The Garden Zealot coming soon.

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