'Fresh Morning'  Recycled Paper Dangle  Earrings

‘Fresh Morning’
Recycled Paper Dangle Earrings

I’ve been wanting for a while to do a post about recycled things that are attractive. So many recycled products are not very pretty and, although we may want to buy them to support companies or artists who use recycled products we don’t buy them because we don’t actually like them.

So, here are some products made with recycled materials that, at least in the eye of this beholder, are esthetically pleasing.


You can find Relique’s line of products using recycled materials here.

Some of my favorites are the Handmade Recycled Metal Chain Bowl

Handmade Recycled Metal Chain Bowl

Handmade Recycled Metal Chain Bowl

and the Recycled Rubber Tire Mirror (both currently on sale). Also check out their lighting section.

Recycled Rubber Tire Mirror

Recycled Rubber Tire Mirror


Novica is an organization that sells products made by artists in developing countries so not only are you supporting them you are also helping to save the planet. How much more virtuous could you get??

I particularly like two products made from iron and recycled glass by Dan Quaynor, an artisan from Ghana. One is a  coat hanger and the other is a chandelier. Click on the links to read more about the artist and see his other products.

Iron and recycled glass coat rack, 'Bloom in Blue'

Iron and recycled glass coat rack, ‘Bloom in Blue’

Recycled glass chandelier, 'A Fine Light'

Recycled glass chandelier, ‘A Fine Light’

If you are into jewelry – like I am – there is a pair if earrings made out of recycled paper that are prettier than you would ever think paper could be. Go back to the top of this post and take another look at the image at the very beginning. Yup, those are the earrings. They are made by Akwele Suma, also from Ghana. She made this necklace, which I love, as well as other items you can check out on the web site.

Knotted Sideways Necklace

Knotted Sideways Necklace

Francis Oliviera makes this necklace from recycled paper, brass rings and unique gemstones.

Serpentine long eco-necklace, 'Story of Hope'

Serpentine long eco-necklace, ‘Story of Hope’

This beautiful piece is not made from recycled materials but from reclaimed materials.  It is a silver and beach glass choker made by Warren and Robin Designs. According to the artists the sea glass came from “World War II sailors drinking Cokes while getting ready for the battle of Guadalcanal.”

Sterling silver choker, 'Ocean Gift'

Sterling silver choker, ‘Ocean Gift’


Etsy is another great place to find unique recycled products.

Will Wagenaar has on his Etsy store a lovely farm table made from reclaimed wood. The table was made from an old wooden tool box and flea market found porch railing balustrades.

Recycled wood - FARM TABLE - Reclaim2Fame

Recycled Wood Farm Table

Will also made this beautiful glass bowl using an Art Deco lampshade and other recycled glass parts.

Recycled Art Deco Glass Bowl

Recycled Art Deco Glass Bowl

At the Mycentir Mosaics Store I found these gorgeous coasters.

The coaster are made from recycled stained glass. All pieces have been sealed to protect against scratches and stains and have felt bottoms to protect furniture.

Picasso Inspired Stained Glass Coasters

Picasso Inspired Stained Glass Coasters

At the Stone Arrow store I saw these beautiful earrings made from recycled glass. The  fern frond image is sandblasted onto a piece of tumbled glass from a green wine bottle.

The artist says “if you buy 20 pairs of Stone Arrow Eco-Earrings for every bottle of wine you drink you will be carbon-wino neutral!”

Recycled Glass Earrings

Recycled Glass Earrings

From the BootsNGus store I found this wonderfully delightful chandelier made out of Mason Jars.

Waterfall Splash Mason Jar Chandelier

Waterfall Splash Mason Jar Chandelier

At Etsy’s Lampada store you can find lighting fixtures like this one made from recycled coffee filters. The natural stains of the coffee filters and a touch of yellow color are what make this lamp so beautiful.

Rustic Hanging Light Drum Shade

Rustic Hanging Light Drum Shade

GoGoGarden makes this bird feeder from pieces that store owner picks up at garage sales and thrift stores.

Hanging Teacup Birdfeeder-Welcome Spring

Hanging Teacup Birdfeeder-Welcome Spring

Heather Montgomery paints the rings of trees that have been felled because of environmental reasons, clearing for construction and power lines or because they were diseased or about to die from other natural causes.

12 Tree Rings

12 Tree Rings

If nothing else you have to love the name of this piece, “The Trash Is Out, made from recycled paper at the Chocolate Negro Design Store.

There are lots of other great products I came accross but, honestly, my fingers are too tired to keep going. But, if I get feedback that people liked this post I’ll certainly do another.



Retirement (Photo credit: scottwills)

Okay, so that title doesn’t REALLY make sense, but hopefully it caught your attention.

Since it is the end of March and getting close to tax day, I’m sure many of us are thinking about IRAs and SEPs and college funds.

This year you might think about investing in a “green” fund. There are several companies out there that have IRAs, mutual funds, money markets, college funds, etc, that invest in companies engaging in sustainable practices.

You have to do your research, just like with any investment, but many of these will give you just as good a return on your money as investing in non-sustainable companies. And these will give you a warm fuzzy feeling with your dividend.

Some companies that have sustainable investment options are:

Green Century Funds


Community Capitol Management

An Herb Spiral

March 17, 2012

I ran across this post about creating an Herb Spiral on Antony Jones’ web site The Kale Yard. It is an amazing way to grow a number of different herbs that require different growing conditions in a small space.

According to Anthony the idea behind the Herb Spiral is “to get as many different herbs as possible in a confined area. The spiral and the subsequent hight differences mean that you create a number of different environmental conditions which normally would not be possible in a small space.”

The link to directions for how to build an Herb Spiral are here at The Kale Yard.

One of the highlights of last year’s SXSW here in Austin was The Green Zone.

This year The Green Zone, located at the corner of 7th and Red River Street, will featured a water re-filling station, free cell phone charging courtesy of Sol Design Lab‘s Solar Pump, human-powered recycling transfer, and consumer information about the eco-friendly initiatives of The City of Austin, Nokia, and SXSW itself.

Sponsored by Whole Foods, the transformed parking lot will be decorated with native plants and creative furniture made from upcycled materials.

Free and open to the public, the Green Zone be here Wednesday, March, 14 through Sat. March 17, 12-11pm.

Whole Foods. Dark Rye

March 8, 2012

Whole Foods has started a new online magazine and it is quite interesting. Dark Rye features interesting people doing interesting things in interesting ways. The writers themselves could not have described the content better when they wrote, “Dark Rye brings together pioneers of unconventional ideas to explore the edges of the creative life.”

I highly recommend you take a look. If you are interested in sustainable living, gardening, cooking, food or just interesting ideas I bet you will find something in the magazine that strikes your fancy.

The Soulsby Farm posted this Chipotle ad on their web site calling it a “…Smart campaign to target a “Back to Basics” farming approach.”

Worth a look.

Those of us who only have a small space to garden in, especially if we want pretty flowers and food, are always looking for ways to maximize the space in our gardens.

Beet Seedlings

Beet Seedlings (Photo credit: TarynMarie)

One thing you can do is plant beet seeds twice as close as recommended on the package, then thin out every other plant when the greens are about 3-4 inches high. That leaves enough room for the rest of the beets to grow and leaves you with delicious beet greens.

The greens are good tossed in a salad but you can also cook them. On the latest 222 Million Tons post titled Save Something From Landfill Day there is a recipe for Linguine with Beet Greens that sounds delicious. If you like to cook and don’t like to waste make sure you click over to 222’s home page and look at the other recipes posted as well.

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