Who Stole The Syrup From The Syrup Jar?

September 10, 2012

3 batches of Maple Syrup

3 batches of Maple Syrup (Photo credit: astanleyjones)

Just a quick post about an article in the Wall Street Journal I found interesting. According to the article, written by David George-Cosh, thieves recently made off with about 10 million lbs of maple syrup worth an estimated 30 million Canadian dollars or US$ 30.4.

As a way to protect producer’s harvests The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers keeps a certain amount of maple syrup in reserve.

Go here to read the full story in the Journal

3 Responses to “Who Stole The Syrup From The Syrup Jar?”

  1. Crime in Canada–too bad the syrup was stolen but, heavens, aren’t we a sweet country!


  2. As a Quebecer, I have many happy memories of sugaring off parties at the maple farms, and of maple glazed, cured, infused everything. Hopefully this won’t affect the price too much – after spending my childhood and early adulthood spoiled by cheap and plentiful maple products, it’s already shocking enough to see how much it costs outside Canada. In Japan it was like liquid gold.


  3. charltonestatetrust Says:

    I like maple syrup just as much as I like honey.


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