Brass Birdhouse Made From 2,500 Reclaimed Bullets

July 23, 2012

Bird House Made From Recovered Bullets

The people at Urban Gardens have once again found a thought-provoking piece of functional art in this Brass Birdhouse made from over 2,500 bullets found in Lebanese hunting grounds.

The piece, made by New York based design studio L.E.F.T. is, to me, an interesting juxtaposition between good and ugly. You have 2500 bullets and you can use them to make art or to make war. It’s your choice.

Plus I like the little perch.


3 Responses to “Brass Birdhouse Made From 2,500 Reclaimed Bullets”

  1. Nicole Brait Says:

    I have to admit it was coincidence.


  2. gaiamethod Says:

    I wish I had known this a few years ago when I picked up bagfuls of bullets (blanks) after the army had been on manoeuvres! All that lovely brass going to waste!!!
    That is such a good idea!!!!


  3. Was your ironic timing with this post co-incidental or intentional? I find the silence of American “leaders” on the issue of bullets, weapons and access thereof truly deafening right now!
    Thanks for being one of the few to say something.


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