March 20, 2012

I saw this post about Wicking Gardens at The Nesting Spot and thought what a fantastic idea.

The Nesting Spot

I was driving down the road yesterday on my way to the park since the weather has been so wonderful lately and I heard a really great story on NPR about wicking garden beds.  I can’t believe I have learned about two great gardening options this year for our Texas heat that I had never heard of before.  You can read about keyhole gardening here.

I was really intrigued by the wicking garden so I looked up the site online.  It is called Food is Free  and is a project that is happening right in Austin.  The group is trying to help people to grow their own food in their front yards to help feed the neighborhood for very little money.  It is great for bring the community together and also getting people to eat better.  The materials they use are all either free or cheap and seem very simple to…

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Nicole Brait Says:

    Good for you. I which I had more space so I could try this and the keyhole garden but our patio is so small.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I blogged about it too. I built a slightly bigger one directly into my garden space. It’s still not quite finished yet — too much rain and I need more pea gravel. Hoping to get plants into it by this weekend.

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