Apple Trees For Very Small Spaces. Very, Very Small

March 7, 2012

I’ve been waiting for Wednesday to post about this for The Once A Week Page since I read about these trees in Urban Farm Magazine. I just think they are so amazing.

These apple trees are perfect for a small urban yard; or anyone who wants an attractive fruit tree. They come in 5 gallon containers, grow to a maximum of ten feet high and about two feet wide. According to the people at Green Leaf Nursery, who grow the trees, you can usually keep the tree in its original container for a year or two before you need to pot it up to a seven gallon container if you don’t want to put it in the ground.

There are four varieties of these Urban Columnar trees and you can read more about them here. To order a tree go to Garden Debut‘s web site and look under Retailers to find a retailer in your area.


2 Responses to “Apple Trees For Very Small Spaces. Very, Very Small”

  1. Very cool, Nicole. Amazing how many options there are out there for urban gardeners. It’s all about knowing where to look!


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