A Post After A Thousand Days

February 7, 2012

Okay, it hasn’t been quite a thousand days but pretty close. My apologies to my reader(s)? I’ve had some health issues, but things are getting better and I’m back to gardening again. A few things have changed though.

First I’m living in Austin where you can garden just about all year long, which is fantastic. Second I’m living in an apartment in the city with only a deck to garden on which isn’t so fantastic. But, I’ve got sun and I’ve got containers and I’ve already put together a container of Mediterranean herbs and two of leafy greens. It’s so great to get salad greens from your garden in February. (Sorry to all of you living in colder climates.)

I’ve been working my way through the garden centers here in my new home city and so far I’ve visited two I really feel are noteworthy. The first is  Barton Springs Nursery on Bee Cave Road. (I just love that name – Bee Cave Road.)  On their website read what is written on the About Us page under Our Commitment. Then read the rest of what’s written on the page. I don’t think I could sum things up any better than that.

The second nursery is The Natural Gardener owned by John Dromgoole who you may have heard of as he also owns the Lady Bug Brand of natural organic gardening products and makes frequent radio and TV appearances.

The Natural Gardener has a wonderful selection of plants as well as demonstration gardens that I very much enjoyed strolling through. I highly recommend a trip.


7 Responses to “A Post After A Thousand Days”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Have you ever heard of a keyhole garden? I’m adding one to my gardening repertoire this year. I’d love to see one in action on an apartment balcony with the right light exposure. Hm…


    • Nicole Brait Says:

      Thank you for visiting The Sustain Blog. I hadn’t heard of keyhole gardens before but just read about them on your site, found out about Deb Tolman from the article written by your cousin and went to “Dr. Deb’s” web site. There were no workshops posted about keyhole gardens but I emailed her asking her to let me know if she schedules one in my area. They sound fascinating.

      Anyway, thank you again for checking out my blog. If you don’t mind I’d like to write some thing about keyhole gardens on my blog with a link to your post. Let me know if that’s okay. Also if I can use the picture and who I should credit for it.

      Thanks for introducing me to the fascinating new thing!

      • Shannon Says:

        The picture I took directly from Texas Co-op Magazine. It shows Aletha St. Romain as the artist, though I have no idea who she is. I just thought it best to link it to the article, since that’s where I initially was given the idea. So glad that you find it as fascinating as I do! I look forward to your next posts. And you’re welcomed to link to my sight…I’m honored to spread the word.

      • Nicole Brait Says:

        Thanks Shannon. Hopefully I will get to it in the next few days. It’s really interesting. I also want to check out the Texas Co-op Magazine. I just moved to Austin recently.

      • Shannon Says:

        Hey…no problem. And welcome to Texas!

      • Nicole Brait Says:

        Thank you. We’re loving Austin so far.

      • Nicole Brait Says:

        I got an email back from Debbie Tolman. She said she does Keyhole Garden Workshops and will do one if she has a venue and a group of people to attend. I don’t know where in TX you are but maybe we could set one up. I am a member of the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women in Landscape. Perhaps I could get some people from that group interested.
        If you’re let me know. You can email me directly at nicole@sustainlandscapedesign.com.

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